Our Path to Greatness Starts With YOU!

At MSA our mission is not to be good. We want to be GREAT! For MSA to be great, WE the people who make up MSA must be GREAT! MSA is just a company name.

It has no soul without its people. A company must show enthusiasm or determination or willpower or empathy. These are personal human qualities.

A company does not innovate. People do.

So who is MSA? MSA is you and I.

It is all of us. Therefore the path to greatness starts with each of us.


What is Greatness?

What is Greatness?

It is the polar opposite of mediocrity. It means standing out from the crowd! It means going above and beyond what is average.

  • Greatness is about making a positive impact in all your dealings.
  • Greatness is keeping calm when all around you are losing their cool.
  • Greatness is having impeccable conduct, integrity and honesty.
  • Greatness is showing up every day, on time with enthusiasm and a smile.
  • Greatness is working hard, consistently.
  • Greatness is progress not perfection.
  • Greatness is giving 100% of yourself to a PURPOSE you believe in.


Building You

Building You

What PURPOSE Do We Believe in at MSA? Our First Purpose is YOU. We are committed to helping you develop personally and professionally.

  • We believe in having a team environment that is fun, friendly yet professional.
  • We believe in having an office that is comfortable and welcoming.
  • We believe in training so you master your role and become the best you can be.
  • We believe in your health and wellbeing.

Ultimately, we believe in your happiness! Now here’s the thing: Our partnership is a two way street. For us to help you, you must first help yourself by committing to developing yourself. Together, we will not only grow as individuals but strengthen as a team. As a team, we must then look beyond our needs and onto the needs of each other and those we serve.

“As humans, we value ourselves in equal proportion to the value we add to others.”

Which means we are happiest when we are helping others!


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Work in an awesome environment with people who are more like family and friends than colleagues.


Our Second Purpose therefore is: helping OTHERS! Customers who are people just like us because:


We believe in serving people from the heart. This can be tough sometimes. Serving people that are nice is easy. True GREATNESS comes when you can give the same level of attention to people who are not so nice. At MSA we believe that the only way you can achieve that, is to foster a culture of love and empathy. These are words you don’t often hear in a corporation let alone a law firm but they are words that mean a lot to us at MSA. It is the secret to our success. And it will be the secret to yours.

The invisible force

The invisible force

Love The invisible force that connects all people on our beautiful planet is love. And without empathy there is no connection. Without connection we lose sight of our purpose.

And without a purpose our personal happiness dips. Passion for showing up at work disappears.

Where there is no love, a task is performed, a box is ticked and a KPI is met. The customer feels like a file number.

Where there is love, there is empathy for the customer’s anxiety for the home loan and there is a genuine willingness to help. People will then feel your connection to their cause. And when you have that connection that’s when the magic happens.


Behind the Scene

Behind the Scene

It is easy to have empathy for others when you can see the impact your work is having on their lives. We are fortunate to work in an industry where we help put people in their dream home.

It could be a couple buying their first apartment, which is an exciting but uncertain time for them. Or a family refinancing their home loan and consolidating their debts to improve cash flow; cash that they will now have to buy better quality food or better quality education for their children.

These are some pretty awesome missions for us to connect with. There are many others you will get to hear about on a daily basis at MSA. You must focus on these stories and look beyond the tasks you are performing.


Building You

We are Heroes

At MSA we often see ourselves as superheroes going above and beyond the call of duty and sometimes that is not easy.

When we meet with challenges we must see that as our opportunity to put on a metaphorical cape and mask and do heroic stuff to get the job done. This is when greatness is born.


How Can You Contribute on This Path?

At MSA we believe that everyone in the team has a voice. We want to give you that voice. We want to hear from you.

We want to continuously know: Your ideas, Your Achievements, Your challenges, Your Goals.

We Are There for You Your opinion matters to us.

We are your Dream Team. Our job is to make your life happy at MSA and to make sure that you as an individual is growing on this journey. Our daily mission is to wake up and shine the light on our collective purpose. We believe in you and want to make sure that you realise all your goals and dreams whilst you are at MSA.

Welcome to the family!


MSA - A great place to work

"A place to grow with Health, Happiness and Humility"