Settled within 3 days!

With MSA National’s “Digital NOW” service and “SignToSettle” technology, brokers can now settle refinances in as little as 3 days from approval.

Digital signed, Digitally settled

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Watch how MSA's digital documents is making your life much easier.

New Generation Digital Documents

Now the complete home loan pack including the contract, mortgage and direct debit form can be sent to the customer at the click of a mouse, signed at the click of a mouse and sent back to MSA instantly. No paper. No delays.

Customers can sign their mortgage documents anywhere in the world (some states and territories still require paper mortgages. MSA will send those by express post with a return express post envelope). No more snail mail delays and express post costs. No chance of signing errors or documents being missed. Plus we have complete online visibility and tracking, which makes it easy to provide telephone support.

New Generation Digital Documents

Sign Docs FASTER with MSA
MSA has gone digital with Signing Docs. Sign documents anytime, anywhere in the world, on-screen at the click of a mouse. No more delays. No more signing errors.


Market First
Customised video to your customer, viewable on any device. Dynamic story builder with interactive screen. High engagement. Targeted message, Fully White labelled. Another MSA exclusive.


VOI made simple and fast!
One compliant report for any lender. Find out why more and more brokers now prefer to use IDyou to conduct their VOI.


Truly Revolutionary!

We have integrated MSA’s own digital solution with DocuSign’s makes it efficient, fast and secure. It provides a beautiful experience for the customer. It is simple to use and so intuitive. Customers and brokers love it.

Coupled with our Sign2Settle technology integration with PEXA, we are now providing an end-to-end digital solution that delivers best practice.”

If you want your customers to experience MSA’s legendary service
Please contact Anthony Aupek on 0456 835 660

In conjunction with DocuSign, PEXA and First Title

Docusign, PeEXA, First Title

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