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MSA National’s (MSA) New Generation Digital Documents, DigiDocs, is Australia’s first superior e-sign platform that delivers 100% error free documentation, faster customer completion and quicker signed-to-settle rates.

DigiDocs provides customers a simple and intuitive signing experience with the use of a digital envelope that contains all relevant home loan documents.

With integrated A.I, customers receive their digital envelope via email and are prompted to complete each compulsory section within the documents, while irrelevant sections are automatically removed.

This functionality ensures forms like Direct Debits and Funding Authorities are completed accurately and there are no missing fields or documents upon submission.

DigiDocs is also the only e-sign solution in Australia that is delivered by a personalised video, which is tailored to your business and customers.

The tailored video, delivered by MyVideo, guides customers through the complete documentation process, eliminating any room for error.

Each video also has the capability to include call-to-action links to offer home loan related products such as building insurance.

Thanks to this personalised experience, DigiDocs boosts customer engagement from 15% to 80%; resulting in faster completion and document return rates.

With DigiDocs, documents can be signed and returned within hours and sometimes minutes of loan approval, significantly increasing speed to settlement and conversion rates.

To ensure customer data is protected at all times, DigiDocs uses the most trusted and most secure global e-sign standard powered by DocuSign.

DigiDocs is also built to not only help customers, but you too.

Integrated with MSA’s mobile friendly LoanTrak portal, DigiDocs provides complete online visibility and tracking of the customer signing journey.

DigiDocs also uses MSA’s sign-to-settle PEXA integration to enable our team to start organising settlement sooner.

How DigiDocs Provides Mortgage Brokers A Competitive Edge

Mortgage brokers are now starting to realise the time-saving benefits of signing home loan docs electronically. This is one of many success stories from one of Australia's leading mortgage brokers.

When it comes to MSA’s DigiDocs, it is all about stripping away complexity, eliminating obstacles and ultimately, saving time. So, reach out to our team today for more information.

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