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MyVideo is a personalised video CX solution delivered to your customers with personalised content, message and call to action via email at any key milestone. For a confidential demo, please contact Sam Makhoul on 0418 888 966.

Key Features:

  • Includes customised data extracted live from MSA’s database.
  • Customised audio files that bring to life the video and data experience.
  • In-house creative resources to develop the script, video and audio.
  • Videos are streamed live within seconds of the customer hitting the play button.
  • Videos are viewable on any device.
  • We can customise any element: Text, Audio, Image.
  • Interactive screen to give borrower the option to click on links to purchase other lender products e.g. property insurance.
  • Data Security: Video’s are not pre-rendered and hosted. Platform hosted on AWS Australian Servers. Only MSA has access to data.
  • Videos result in up to 80% customer engagement compared to under 20% for print or text.
  • Dynamic story builder, that allows the viewer to decide where they want the video to go next from menu choices.

For more information contact

Sam Makhoul: mobile 0418 888 966 or Ayhan Baba: mobile 0435 007 089.

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