Property Searches

MSA National offers a comprehensive national range of land property searches through our property search functionality. Our system guides you through the process of ordering a property search with the least amount of steps and data required for entry.

The property searches available are:

Key features of property searches

  • Property Search bulk ability as well as a copy & paste option of up to 50 titles at a time with free verification of address and proprietor (NSW/VIC/QLD).
  • Ability to view dealings list at the time of ordering titles (NSW/VIC).
  • Pre-population of details for Property Searches and Certificates (NSW/VIC/QLD).
  • Pre-select options for commonly ordered property certificates.

Key benefits of ordering your property search with MSA National

  • Easy access to all State and Territory Land Registers.
  • We believe the speed of our system will mean you are able to obtain your property searches in a timely manner and increase efficiency.

Title Search

Property legislation in all states and territories is based on the Torrens principle of registration of title. Each state and territory have a central register of all land in the state (such as the NSWLRS in NSW, or Land Data in VIC) which shows the owner of the land through a title search.

MSA National has access to all of these land registries and gives you access from the one online system. The title, sometimes called a deed reference, can also include information about mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements. 
MSA National has access to all National Land Registries for all your title searching needs in the one online system across the following states:

  • NSW
  • VIC  
  • QLD  
  • TAS  
  • SA  
  • WA  
  • ACT  
  • NT  

Key benefits to your business of ordering a title search with MSA National:

  • When ordering your title search you can verify your title particulars at no extra charge to check vendor details and property details prior to ordering.
  • Save your time when preparing a contract for strata properties, as the system recognises the title is for a strata plan. This means you will be provided with the option to order the Common Property Title at the same time.
  • Save your time by ordering and verifying up to 50 titles in one step, for multiple title searching.
  • Title searches available across all states, including title search NSW, title search VIC & title search QLD.

Plan Images

Land titles are based on a plan of survey, or a plan compiled from a survey, which defines the boundaries of a parcel of land at the date upon which it was registered.

When new land parcels are created (e.g. subdivision) or when all or part of an existing parcel is to be used for a specific purpose (e.g. easement or lease) a plan must be prepared, lodged and registered with your state registry. In defining new parcel boundaries, the plan creates the legal identity of the land.

Plan documents you can order with MSA National:

  • Deposited PlanA plan is an image that defines the legal boundaries of the land. They record subdivisions, easements, resumption or restrictions on the land.
  • Strata Plan: The strata plan is a subdivision of a parcel of Real Property land into separate lots and common property.
  • 88B: An instrument attached to a plan which upon registration creates easements, restrictions on the use of land and positive covenants.
  • Development Contract: Disclosure document that indicates the details of a future development
  • Crown plans: Are survey drawings illustrating the land boundaries and physical features of specific parcels of land and may include references to early tenures and ownership of the land. The plans date back to 1792 and earlier.
  • Registered Plan
  • Plan of Consolidation

Dealing Images

A dealing is an instrument which is registerable on a title of land. A dealing would refer to a transaction affecting the land which will be recorded on the Certificate of Title.

MSA offers the following dealings which can be searched:

  • Transfer  
  • Mortgage 
  • Caveat 
  • Discharge of Mortgage  


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